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(Colours will vary in the manufacturing process)

All soaps are priced at £3.25, except the budded and loofah soaps.
Click on a soap to view its properties and to order.

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Custom Gift choose 3 soaps



Price: £15.50
Custom Gift choose 4 soaps

Price: £18.50
Gingerbread Man

Here's a cheeky chappy, an endearing gingerbread man. I thread it and hang it up to give the room a distinctive vanilla aroma. Mmmm. Great for Christmas. What the heck. Enjoy it any time!

Price: £3.50
Gift with Heart Pendant

A pre-wrapped gift of Lemon Grass with a delightful heart on a ribbon that can be worn as a pendant.
Something special for someone who is .....yes, that's right ...... someone who is special. (Price includes postage)


Price: £7.50

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